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Non-standard woodwind quintet repertoire

Compiled by Francesca Arnone


Adolphe, Bruce (b. 1955). Night Journey (1987). American Composers Alliance. 12'
Andriessen, Jurriaan. Sciarada Spagnuola.
Bach, Jan. Skizzen (1983).Highgate Press.
Ballard, Louis. Ritmo Indio (1969). Bourne Co.
Barboteu, Georges Prelude et Divertissement (1966). Peters.
Barboteu, Georges. Caricatures (Ballet) (1966). Mvts. 1) Le Pandore. 2) L'Enjoleuse. 3) Bimbo le Clown. Peters.
Bassett, Leslie. Wind Music. Five Movements for Wind Quintet.
Beall, John. Shaker Tunes. Free Variations for Wind Quintet (1992). MMB Music.
Bennett, Richard R.. Concerto for Woodwind Quintet. (1984). Novello.
Blumer, Theodore. Serenade, Theme and Variations. Simrock.
Bohuslav Förster, Josef. Kvintet, Op. 95, edited by Trevor Cramer/TrevCo Music.
Brandon, Jenni. Five Frogs. Boosey & Hawkes. 11'30"
Brumby, Colin. The Seven Ages of Man. Musical vignettes, for wind quintet and optional narrator (1981). From the famous Shakespearian speech. (18'). Australian Music Centre.
Cervantes, Ignacio. Six Cuban Dances. International Opus.
Chávez,Carlos. Soli No. 2 for Woodwind Quintet. (1963) New York: Mills Music.
Colgrass, Michael. Wind Quintet. MCA.
Corina, John. Quintet (available from composer).
d'Rivera, Paquito. Aires Tropicales (International Opus).
d'Rivera, Paquito. Wapango, plus others by same publisher.
Davids, Brent Michael. Wind Quintet (with rattles and shakers. Native American composer).
Davis, William. Quintet (available from composer or Southern Music Co.).
Del Aguila, Miguel. Wind Quintet No. 2. Peermusic.
Delaney, Charles. Wind Quintet.
Ewazen, Eric. Roaring Fork Quintet (1994). Southern Music Co. 20'
Folio, Cynthia. Seven Aphorisms (2001). It's challenging, but fun to play. (Click on "Compositions".).
Genzmer, Harald. BlaserQuintett. Litolff/Peters.
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Jenkins, Renee. ICE for Wind Quintet (2003)
Jolivet, André. Serenade for Wind Quintet. Billaudot.
Kershner, Brian. Suite Homage.
Klughardt, August. Quintet Op. 79, Belwin-Mills.
Lang, Istvan. Fuvosotos (1956). Zenemukiado Vallalat, Budapest.
Malcys, Arvydas. Supper for Five, woodwind quintet No.1 (1986). 14'
Malcys, Arvydas. Ultimum refugium woodwind quintet No.2 (1996). 12'.
Marquez, Arturo. Danza de Mediodia. Ediciones Eldorado.
Maslanka, David. Quintet for Winds No. 3 (2002). Carl Fisher. Also other wind quintets.
Mathias, William. Quintet Op. 22 (1976). Oxford University Press.
Moyse, Louis. Wind Quintet (in homage to Martinu). McGinnis & Marx.
Murdock, Katherine. Postcards from the Center.
Onslow, George (1784-1853). Wind Quintet, Op. 81.
Ott, David. Sabado for Wind Quintet (available from composer).
Ponce, Manuel. Estrellita. International Opus.
Porter, James. Wind Quintet No. 1
Rechtman, Mordechai. Various arrangements of Baroque works.
Reid, John. Three Renaissance Madrigals. Washington State University - Pullman.
Rochberg, George. To the Dark Wood.
. Recordings online of Russian National Orchestra Quintet. scores also online & from Trevco.
Sampson, David. Short Stories (1994).
Schiffrin, Lalo. La Nouvelle Orleans (1987), Scherzo Music.
Sehlbach, Eric. Wind Quintet, Op. 113 (1963). Novello.
Sierra, Roberto. Salsa para Quinteto de Vientos (1984). Editio Musica.
Steinmetz, John (b. 1951). Quintet,. TrevCo Music.
Stucky, Steven. Serenade for Wind Quintet (1992).
Szervansky, Endre - F?v?sötös Quintet for Wind Instruments (1953). Boosey & Hawkes.
Tower, Joan. Island Prelude.
Wilson, Dana. Mirrors (1993).
Zalman, Nathan. Quintet (Falls House Press). There are some clips available on the Now distributed by Presser..
Zappa, Frank. Wind Quintet (1984). Munchkin Music. Number 6 for Wind Quintet, Munchkin Music.

Lists or other resources.

American Music Center's collection is now housed in the New York Public Library.

ALRY Publications. descriptions are on the website, under Chamber Music.

Many new editions of older works are available on TrevCo Music website.

Amy Likar has compiled a list of the NewYork Woodwind Quintet's repertoire. It is available on the NFA website (members' area) or through Amy -

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